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Pest control services in Mumbai

We serve you at your door step for effective pest control with various treatments.

PPCind is Mumbai’s trusted professional pest control company, which provides best pest removal services in Mumbai and nearby places like dadar, thane, borivali, andheri, powai, kandivali, bandra, navi Mumbai, vashi, panvel, chembur,kalyan. We provide professional and environmentally responsible pest control services to Mumbai people.

Pest control treatment

We have been in the business of controlling pests since 2000. We have treated bed bugs, rodents and termites in about 35,000 buildings in Mumbai besides doing pest control treatment for all types of pests in all kinds of premises.

Professional Pest Management Services in Mumbai

We are now ISO 9001:2008 certified for providing pest control services for residential and corporate pest control in Mumbai. We offer a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services in Mumbai. We have been a good leader in providing professional and environmentally responsible pest control services by offering comprehensive solutions for our customers. We also have government licensed in the field of pest removal service. We undertake pest control services on annual contract basis or just one spot treatment at a very reasonable rate and the cost of our service is very negligible when compared to the Losses / Damages by the pests.




In addition to huge underground colony systemsturmite build caton (mud) nests within walls &other enclosed spaces of structure.These nests can serve as residents for tens of thousands of individual termite and a reservoir of moisture to sustain them during dry periods.Termite colonies have been established all over mumbai.



Cockroaches can enter through small cracks & crevices, vents & pipes .They carry numerous diseases & can contaminate the food.



Fabric pests can be brought in on cut flowers or antique items such as natural fibre carpeting,clothes,hat boxes etc. they can be multiply within the favourable conditions of your home.



Ants are the biggets "nuisance pests"becausetheycan easily enter through small cracks and can nest anywhere in & around your home.



Silver fish can damage food, paper, books and fabric. Earwigs are unsightly & be serious garden pests. Crickets cut almost any thing they can chew from carpets to clothing.



Rodents slip in through opendoors & foundation vents. They can grow through furniture &electrical wires & can carry infectious diseases.



Spiders invade through windows &doors and can also be carried in with firewood.They can cause unsightly cobwebs & afew species have bites that can be painful & sometimes require medical attention.

bed bugs


Bedbugs (or bed bugs) are small, elusive, and parasitic insects of the family Cimicidae. They live strictly by feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals.