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Corporate Pest Control in Mumbai

PPCind provides pest control services to Schools, Hotels, Pharmaceutical, Garments factories etc. The offered range of services mainly consists of Termite Control Service, Rodent Control Service, Cockroaches & Ants Control Services, and Vertebrate Pest Control, Container Treatments, Houseflies and Mosquitoes Control services, Bed Bug control Lizard and Spider control Services, Residential Pest Control Service and Commercial Pest Control Service. PPCind service offers a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services and Quality Products and Equipment through professionally staff train. We take yearly maintenance contracts for the same.

Pest control services for restaurants / hotels in Mumbai

We provide restaurant pest management service for hundreds of restaurants and hotel in Mumbai. Our staff provides detailed inspection reports that help restaurant managers and owners identify and correct pest vulnerable areas within their restaurant. Our professionals carefully inspect each room and treat them with the safest, most effective products available to keep your facility pest-free. PPCind is at the forefront of pest management technology with our heat remediation treatments. Heat remediation has been an effective means of eradicating pests. With our user friendly and odorless services we are able to keep your hotels and restaurants relatively free from pest with the following treatments. We also spray an odorless chemical in the entire area to control ants and spiders

Pest control services for Schools in Mumbai

We provide corporate pest control in Mumbai and it is very important for all commercial establishments to take preventive treatment for termites and wood borers before laying the flooring or doing wood work.

Pest control services for Educational Institutions in Mumbai

The school can get the cockroach treatment done for manholes & rat treatment for the compound area. The infestation of mosquitoes can only be reduced by doing fogging treatment on a regular basis in the compound area

Our Pest Control methods include

•Termi Freeze – The Termite Control for Buildings All termite infested areas are sprayed thoroughly and the termite channels are removed. We also cover external areas of the building like stairways, corridors and parking lots. Insecticide is poured in these holes and sealed with cement. Our Termite Control System delivers the best termite control and termite protection available.
• The Mosquito Control Treatment We reduce the infestation by the Fogging treatment to control mosquitoes.
• Borex – Wood Borer Control Treatment While the furniture is being assembled, a chemical is sprayed on the raw plywood which prevents the plywood from getting attacked by woodborers. Where Wood Borers have already attacked, they are controlled by injecting a specially formulated chemical in the holes with a syringe. The entire wood is also sprayed with insecticide.
• Pest Bird Control Our bird control services include: exclusion installations, structural modifications, nest and roost removal, roost decontamination and flock dispersion.
• Hospitality pest control with heat treatment is a safe and effective alternative to chemical treatments for residential, commercial and industrial clients.
• Stinging Insect Control We specialize in wasp removal and will help remove any type of stinging insect nest.
• Cockroaches Treatment for Drainages
• Radicate – the Rat/Rodent Control Treatment
• Smart Gel - The Odorless Cockroach Control Treatment